• Our Approach

    We're known for realistic simulation experiences that challenge you to roll up your sleeves and learn the Whats, Whys and Hows of leading change and innovation.

    We work with most of Fortune's top 100 companies and the world's leading business schools.

    Here's how we do it.

    Your business goals are the point

    Your people are busy. They have goals and metrics they're expected to achieve. That means the pressure's on you to provide training that helps them reach those goals, not waste their time.

    We'll help take that pressure off.

    A better way to get experience

    Experience is the best way to learn, but it can be slow, risky and unpredictable on the job. Instead, you can give your people that valuable experience in our workshops, where they're challenged to roll up their sleeves and learn the whats, whys and hows of innovation and change.

    It's faster, it's safer, and it's more focused on the results you need to achieve.

    Collaboration and competition

    If you want your people to get to the learning moments that will provoke new ways of doing things, you have to engage their emotions as well as their intellect. With collaboration and competition built in, our workshops make sure your people's heads and hearts are in the game.

    Soaring with a safety net

    When people get mired in the baggage of real-world challenges, learning goes off track. By tackling a realistic rather than real business challenge, your people can make mistakes without putting the company or their careers at risk. The purposeful use of technology motivates them to push beyond self-imposed boundaries and stretch outside their comfort zones.

    Committing to action, with confidence

    A fun, engaging experience is only the first step. To deliver lasting learning outcomes, our innovation and change workshops provide the context and conditions your people need to internalize new behaviors, commit to immediate action, and leave with the confidence and motivation to put what they've learned to work.

    Ready to earn your cape?

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