• Internal Trainer

    You know the pulse of your organization, the internal language and the context of the challenge that your people are dealing with. As a trained ExperienceInnovation? or ExperienceChange? Facilitator, you'll be able to lead and:

    • Create context through your knowledge of real-life organizational situations
    • Link course concepts to practical application and current initiatives
    • Be an ongoing, in-house resource and support for your people
    • Increase your credibility, expertise and value to the business
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    What it Takes

    Facilitation Experience

    It takes...high energy, authenticity and a passion for guiding peoples' learning.

    There's a reason our first name is "experience." These aren't your run-of-the-mill training programs, and as a Facilitator, you'll be playing a critical role in bringing the experiences to life.

    Technical Prowess

    It takes...a willingness to embrace technology.

    You don't need to know how to hack into the Matrix, but you do need to know your way around a computer and be comfortable with various browsers and standard apps. Technophobes need not apply.

    Theoretical Foundation

    It takes...a grasp of the theoretical underpinnings along with a real-world perspective to bring high concepts down to earth.

    Your participants expect you to know your stuff, and a strong theoretical foundation gives you that grounding. But your ability to tie theory to practice is where the "ahas" and application really take off.


    It takes...the dedication to stay engaged and keep moving forward.

    Let's face it: if you don't use it, you'll lose it. As a Facilitator, it takes plenty of preparation and iterations to get sharp and stay sharp.

    What does our Train-the-Trainer program look like?

    Innovation Train-the-Trainer Change Train-the-Trainer

    The Value of Internal Facilitators

    By training internal facilitators, your organization is showing just how important and integral the training is to the company's culture, values and expectations.

    Internal facilitators also bring the context, credibility and real-world knowledge of what it's like to work in your organization to every training experience. That's a valuable asset for gaining participant buy-in.

    When you factor in the cost effectiveness of having your own expert, go-to resources for facilitation, reinforcement and ongoing support, the investment in training is one that will pay off in many ways, many times over.

    Begin your journey!

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