• ExperienceChange™ Train-the-Trainer

    Meet Keith Laplante, one of our Master Facilitators

    Why Train-the-Trainer

    Our workshops are transforming the way people learn, manage change and solve complex problems. They're fun to deliver, accelerate Facilitators' careers and enable your organization to achieve your desired change.

    After Train-the-Trainer, your certified Facilitators will be the ones your people turn to when they have questions and want to make a difference. They will disseminate the knowledge, and the application of that knowledge, to help solve your organizational challenges.

    You are the heroes of this story. To have external people deliver all of your workshops, or initiate all of your projects, creates an unhelpful dependency. Not only is Train-the-Trainer the most cost-effective way to deliver workshops to your people, but when we set up eager people in your organization to deliver workshops, it also signals to your organization that you have the aptitude internally to do this kind of work well.

    The focus of Train-the-Trainer is to train Facilitators to deliver ExperiencePoint's award-winning workshops in a way that helps your people learn and practice change skills.

    Expected Outcomes

    During this 2-day active learning experience, participants should expect to:

    • Experience an expert-guided ExperienceChange™ workshop on both the "what to do" and "how to be" of successful change.
    • Immerse in proven change management theory backed by more than 20 years of research, industry insights and results.
    • Build confidence facilitating ExperienceChange™ so that they are ready to deliver the "best ever" workshop experience.

    As a result, participants will be:

    • Amazing in-house resources to align stakeholders and engage your organization around new ways of doing things.
    • Ready to roll ExperienceChange™ out across your organization, or with your clients.

    Daily Schedule


    ExperienceChange™ Workshop


    ExperienceChange™ Train-the-Trainer

    1 Day ExperienceChange™ Train-the-Trainer

    ExperienceChange™ Train-the-Trainer is a 1-day, open-enrollment training course facilitated by an ExperiencePoint Master Facilitator.

    The focus of Train-the-Trainer is to train Facilitators to deliver ExperienceChange™ in a way that helps their participants learn and practice leading change skills.

    Your Train-the-Trainer Experience
    We believe that people learn best by doing.

    As effective learning requires more doing and less passive listening, participants experience change through our workshops, and teach the workshop back to their peers, turning Train-the-Trainer into a 'flipped classroom'. Virtual learning modules available afterwards to complete certification.

    Our intent is to increase the amount of time that Facilitators spend practicing in situations as close to their actual work environment as possible, with meaningful feedback on their performance, to facilitate a "best ever workshop" experience for your people.

    Facilitator Requirements

    Facilitation Expertise

    • Ambitious, dynamic, Facilitator with a passion for developing the capability of others
    • Delivers "best workshop ever" experiences that participants and clients can't stop talking about
    • Captures the imagination of a room full of people and keeps them engaged for hours

    Domain Knowledge

    • From their existing knowledge of change, finds the topic not only fascinating to talk about, but also passionately believes that they are key to making impact on organizational challenges
    • Natural learning mindset and hungry to master new topics
    • Keen to design supplemental modules to enhance the learning experience

    Ability to Influence

    • Partnered with a Sponsor who has committed budget for them to run at least 2 workshops per year
    • Collaborates with others in the business to integrate their workshops into existing training offerings and/or meaningful business challenges
    • Become invested in the uptake and success of their sessions in a way that builds their personal brand

    Who We Have Trained

    Upcoming Public Train-the-Trainers

    Dates Location Host
    May 8, 2020 Toronto, ON ExperiencePoint
    July 17, 2020 Toronto, ON ExperiencePoint
    October 30, 2020 Toronto, ON ExperiencePoint

    Start Your Train-the-Trainer Journey

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